Good People


© 2012 Roger James Kuhns

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 A great collection of original songs about friends and family who have gotten through the things life throws at us all, and about finding some of the magic we explore for along the way. And a bit of mild protest, because just about everyone “is” Good People. Some of the songs are from the monologues of Roger Kuhns, and includes “Blue Ocean”, which was sung by Eli Mattson at Cargegie Hall in 2010.

Song List

  1. Mystic Melody
  2. Dream and a Chance
  3. Look Before You Leap
  4. Gonna Get You There
  5. Neurotransmitter
  6. Missed
  7. Morning of the Night
  8. Aliens in my Pillow
  9. Petroleum Reserves
  10. Working Man’s Guitar
  11. Zuccotti Park
  12. Carbon Man
  13. Blue Ocean
  14. All The Way Home


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