Navigating the Energy Maze: The Transition to a Sustainable Future

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  • Approaches sustainability through the integration of the three spheres of sustainability (economy, community, environment) with energy use and generation;
  • Explores multi-tasking energy use and management on a local basis;Delves into the contrast between perceived and real, resources available, and materials required, for energy systems, their natural resources abundances, and demands on these resources;
  • Offers strategic planning guidance for local and national comprehensive sustainable energy policy makers, and natural resource and energy providers;
  • Provides a time-line perspective of energy source eras from the fossil fuels, biofuels, renewables, and their multi-tasking over the next century.

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About the Book

This book presents essential information for the development of a comprehensive sustainable energy policy. It examines the diverse types of energy, their resource abundance and the material needs to develop and use them, and how communities and cities can better control their own destinies by locally managing energy use and generation. This approach does not suggest the undoing of existing infrastructures and energy providers, but rather a cooperative transition from national-regional energy management to a more local-centered system. The information is the foundation for eight specific legislative initiatives necessary for a national comprehensive sustainable policy that can both facilitate and drive the process of evolution from a carbon-energy economy to a sustainable renewable energy future.

About the Authors

Dr. Roger James Kuhns has over 35 years in mineral exploration and natural resources, water and energy resources, environmental remediation, renewable energy systems, and sustainability. He has held positions at BHP Billiton (General Manager for mineral exploration, petroleum field assessment, and mineral economics and development for Africa and the Mediterranean), Noranda Exploration (U.S. and Canada), Black & Veatch (Global – sustainability, renewable energy assessment, remediation, economic modeling, and strategic planning), and Applied Ecological Services (North America environmental remediation and LEED development projects, including assessment of impacts and restoration approaches regarding the Alberta Tar Sands). Kuhns is the founder of SustainAudit, LLC, a sustainable practices application company that integrates all renewable energy systems, materials use, LEED certification, and food systems with the natural environment to ensure long-lasting resources and economic affordability leading to a high quality of life.

Dr. George H. Shaw has had a career as a professor of geosciences with an emphasis on geophysics, especially high-pressure measurements of elastic properties.  He has taught at the University of Minnesota and Union College, and was awarded an NSF post-doctoral fellowship at Edinburgh, Scotland as well as an  American Geophysical Union Congressional Science Fellowship. Dr. Shaw worked for congressman Al Swift on energy and environmental issues, and particularly on the formulation and passage of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982. At Minnesota he co-developed a course in energy resources and policy which he continued to teach at Union.

“​A must read for anyone interested in solution oriented methods to address climate change.”
-Mark Reynolds Executive Director, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

“A Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Policy that guides our nation through the current energy maze and anchors a path to a sustainable energy future is the core message . . .  in this far-­reaching and vitally important work.”
-Neal J. Gruber,M.E., P.E., D.CE., Systems Operations Consultant

3 reviews for Navigating the Energy Maze: The Transition to a Sustainable Future

  1. Neal J. Gruber, M.E., P.E., D.CE

    The Energy Maze teaches, enlightens, and illuminates the critical path to reaching our near future sustainable energy policy national goal . . . A Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Policy that guides our nation through the current energy maze and anchors a path to a sustainable energy future is the core message of the authors’ in this far-reaching and vitally important work.

    Neal J. Gruber, M.E., P.E., D.CE
    Systems Operations Consultant

  2. Mark Reynolds

    A must – read for anyone interested in solutions – oriented methods to address climate change.

    Mark Reynolds, Executive Director,
    Citizens’ Climate Lobby

  3. John Jimison

    WOW! You have attempted a comprehensive diagnosis and at least a partial prescription for the cure to the self-inflicted disease from which our planetary home is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. This is the first document I have read that combines such a full analysis of the supply side of the energy scene with such an explicit formulation of policy strategies to change the current trajectory to reach an explicit state of sustainability.

    John Jimison
    Energy Specialist

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