"I cracked the cover and found myself in the middle of an ocean, headed for a very large adventure! ...Last night I wasn't sure I could stay awake long enough to finish it. However, I was so caught up in that huge High Sea Storm, my heart was actually racing." - reader Barb S.

"Dolphin Mimicry is a tale of an unusual friendship formed between man and dolphin, Jonas and Peek. It isn't just the lively and interesting characters or relationships that capture the reader's attention, it is the many facts riddled throughout. Facts about dolphins, the ocean, the strange island of Namibia, whales, ships, and more....When Peek starts to share his view on what the humans have done to the oceans, and how it has affected his ''home family'', himself, and the many other oceanic life forms, it makes the reader really think about how much we, as a society, as a species even, have polluted the wonderful blue world." - Rebekah W., Volunteer Docent, Mystic Aquarium, CT