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A man in a hat and shirt is holding his hands up

True stories from world adventures.

Roger James Kuhns’ monologues are original, true story dramatic/comedic performances. The monologues delve into the far corners of the world where he experienced the interactions between people, nature, natural resources, culture, science and philosophy. These layered stories hold subplots about human insights, adventures, and poignant events - both personal and historical in scale. Original music compositions are part of most performances.

"A gifted writer and musician, Kuhns has used his life experiences to craft monologues that are as culturally and scientifically enlightening as they are emotionally moving...Like most good artists, Kuhns has a gift for finding what resonates with his audiences." - Judy M. Drew, Former Executive Director, Third Avenue Playhouse, WI


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An Evening with Jens Jensen
The Red Russian Girl

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Mass Extinction & Ecosystem Recovery
Dream Time Down Under
Crocodiles in the Desert
Jesus in Sumbawanga
Jungle Gold
Working Underground