A time traveling geologist is on an earth saving quest in Wisconsin.

A tree is growing on the side of a cliff.

Join Roger James Kuhns on a curious journey of discovery crossing a billion years of geologic and ecologic time woven into a life of diverse careers that started along the shores of Lake Michigan. Take a look at the dolomite cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment in the Door County peninsula of Wisconsin and explore important issues of today, such as sustainability and climate change, within the perspective of natural history.

What if? What if you had a time machine? Every geologist has a time machine. It’s a fact. Stepping back in time by turning the pages of the geologic stratigraphy one by one, era by era, species by species. The present is the key to the past. Learn the language like holding a Rosetta stone or deciphering a cave painting, or just learning to read for the first time. What does that small gray shell fossil or the light brown fragment of fossilized bone really tell us? It’s like a geologic CSI! It’s forensics. The present is also the key to the future.

© Roger James Kuhns 2014

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In the way a travelogue, Roger’s monologues take you there; in the way of a scientist he immerses you in the unique microcontext of what makes the place special. When he did the Niagara Escarpment (literally in our backyard) he left us looking at what we had seen for 12 years in whole new ways and to understand the importance of microclimates. Spell binding, fascinating, unbelievable, hilarious, Roger delivers it all . . .  no matter what the subject matter. Never miss an opportunity to “travel” with him. - Allin Walker