What would it be like to sit down for an evening
with one of your heroes?

Two men in old time clothing and hats.
A man with a mustache and beard is speaking at a podium.
A man and woman are smiling for the camera.

Roger with Jens Jensen's granddaughter "Jensen Wheeler Wolfe" taken at The Clearing in WI.

Jens Jensen, the father of native plant landscape architecture and the founder of Door County’s The Clearing Folk School, was a pillar in the landscape architecture and environmental movements in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In this performance piece, Roger Kuhns takes on Jensen’s personality, mannerisms, accent and ethic to convey to the audience the innovative and conscientious nature of the man. It is a very personal, moving and engaging glimpse of this amazing person.

In the show, Jensen is in the twilight of his career and at 86 years old he was still spry and driven to help people realize the importance of respecting nature.

Jens Jensen

Jens Jensen was born in Dybbol, Denmark in 1860. He came to America as a young man and became the father of landscape architecture using native plants in landscaping design. Jensen was responsible for many of Chicago’s parks and was a leader in the preservation and environmental movements. He worked with famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and his clients in his private practice included Henry Ford. In 1935, he founded The Clearing Folk School in Ellison Bay and inspired a generation of landscape architects, along with many others who attended the folk school. Jensen died there in 1951.

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Past Shows

August 2017 | Woodwalk Gallery, Wisconsin


"I can say that your performance was excellent and entertaining. You gave me an intriguing introduction to Jensen, truly enhancing my appreciation of The Clearing and its mission. Your period costume, realistic mannerisms and reading of Jensen’s own writings made his story and contributions to Door County come alive!”- Karen Schudson

“I am not alone in singing your praises. Other people who were at Woodwalk were impressed, and we’ve all told others that they missed a great evening. So the county will be hungry to hear you next year.” - Nancy Rafal