Learn from our past to inform our future.

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Follow different ecosystems through time with Roger Kuhns as he takes you on a journey of past ecological survival and mass extinction events from his work in various geologic time periods around the world. We'll visit the rise and fall of forests, dinosaurs, marine reptiles, ice age mega fauna such as the wooly mammoth, and endeavor to understand how these ecosystems teach us about change and recovery times, and help us understand what is happening today.

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Past Shows

  • August 2015 | Woodwalk Gallery, Wisconsin

In the way a travelogue, Roger’s monologues take you there; in the way of a scientist he immerses you in the unique microcontext of what makes the place special. When he did the Niagara Escarpment (literally in our backyard) he left us looking at what we had seen for 12 years in whole new ways and to understand the importance of microclimates. Spell binding, fascinating, unbelievable, hilarious, Roger delivers it all . . .  no matter what the subject matter. Never miss an opportunity to “travel” with him. - Allin Walker