A Siberian adventure of platinum mines, diamond marketeers, and gulags.

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As the Soviet Union crumbled and a new Russia emerged in the 1990s, Kuhns and his friend and diamond expert, Hugo Dummett, ventured into Siberia. As they sought business opportunities in the mineral fields, they also found a battered post-gulag culture in Noril’sk, a secretive diamond industry in Archangl’sk, and the black mafia in Leningrad. Kuhns met Dasha, a woman who realized that her changing world was filled with intrigue, risk, and perhaps hope for a better life.

© Roger James Kuhns 2005


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Past Shows

2010 | Third Avenue Playhouse, Wisconsin (2 shows – 259 people)
2008 | St. Mary Church, Illinois (69 people)
2007 | The Clearing Folk School, Wisconsin (32 people)
2007 | Grace Episcopal Church, Wisconsin (62 people)
2006 | Third Avenue Playhouse, Wisconsin (2 shows – 167 people)


In 'Red Russian Girl', Kuhns deftly weaves the stories of the people he encountered to form a powerful cultural-political-geological image of the Soviet Union struggling in the aftermath of Perestroika.
- Judy M. Drew, Former Executive Director, Third Avenue Playhouse.”

“I had the privilege of seeing Roger perform one of the monologues in his book at The Clearing in Wisconsin. An absolute pleasure! Roger’s adventures will take you to places you never imagined with a colorful cast of characters to guide the way. His attention to detail paints a vivid picture to spark your imagination, allowing you to travel to etreme and desolate ends of civilization without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair.”
- Sara A. Noe, Writer (2018)

“One of these days someone will write a book about the fascinating Roger Kuhns or maybe he’ll finally get around to doing one himself. In the meantime . . . Roger performs as a one-man show ala Spaulding Gray . . .  His performance can certainly be compared to that of Mr. Gray’s . . . Roger’s performance is a favorable comparison.  The key for the monologist is to keep the audience interested and wanting to hear more . . . Roger’s animation and energy along with really interesting transitions (keeps) the ball in the air and focuses the attention of the audience. Roger’s facial gestures and comic timing really aided in completing a sense of the characters that we meet and travel with throughout the experience. It was particularly fun when he would rapidly switch from one to the other.  Roger is a true Renaissance man.”
- Sheila Sabrey-Saperstein, The Peninsula Pulse (April 8, 2005)

 “In the way of a travelogue, Roger’s monologues take you there; in the way of a scientist he immerses you in the unique microcontext of what makes the place special . . . spell binding, fascinating, unbelievable hilarious, Roger delivers it all . . . no matter what the subject matter. Never miss an opportunity to “travel” with him.”
- Allin Walker, Lockwood Gallery & Theatre, Sturgeon Bay, WI (2018)