Join Roger deep in the mines of South Africa where his underground adventures tangle with global human resources absurdities.

A man sitting in the middle of a cave.
A group of people standing around in the woods.

Working Underground means two things: first, actually working underground in mines and caves, and second, trying to accomplish something behind the scenes. And so it is with this true story of the challenges and dangers of working in mines, and the challenges and frustrations in trying to improve a difficult company culture.

Kuhns takes you around the world to mines in South Africa that are more than two miles deep, to shallow but dangerous excavations in Mexico and Nevada to get a glimpse of what drives people to work in such harsh conditions. In it all, the company he worked for is going through rapid and not very friendly changes due to new management and difficult global economic times. Discover what’s underground! Discover what cryptic human resources memos really mean! And discover what is waiting for Kuhns when he finally climbs to the surface.

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May 2011 | Third Avenue Playhouse, Wisconsin

“Fans who have enjoyed Kuhns’ dramatic monologues will want a copy of his book [Didn’t See That Coming], as will anyone who is an armchair traveler at heart, curious about exotic but highly inconvenient (and sometimes risky) locations around the globe. Kuhns will disappoint neither audience.” - Gary Jones, Peninsula Pulse