Gun dangers infringe on his life and liberty

Originally published as a letter to the editor on October 10th 2017 in The Day.

I support Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, “Murphy calls fellow lawmakers ‘cowards’ on gun control” (Oct. 3). My rights are violated with fewer gun laws. The Declaration of Independence guarantees us “…with certain unalienable Rights… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms. Does this mean people can own almost every type of gun available in this modern world? Semi-automatic military-style weapons that can be converted to automatic with a simple kit have no place in an urban/suburban environment.

Do open and concealed carry make sense in today’s society? This means more handguns in public places; this means more deaths. Here are some facts from our government: The U.S. (1) has three to four times more gun-related deaths than the next 12 developed countries; (2) has more civilian gun ownership than any other country; (3) has more gun-related deaths in states with more guns per household; (4) sees gun deaths and suicides related; (5) has more police killed on duty in states with more guns.

This is a complex issue. But I feel my right to life, liberty and happiness are infringed upon by the lack of stricter gun laws.

Roger J. Kuhns